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  • Title:   The Pathology of Terror
  • Volume 7 Issue 3
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Contents of the entire issue
The Pathology of Terror

Author(s): Academic Forensic Pathology International

ABSTRACT:   This file contains the contents of the entire September 2017 issue. Higher resolution versions of the individual articles are available for separate download.

Invited Review
Trends in United States Mass Fatality Incidents and Recommendations for Medical Examiners and Coroners

Author(s): Carroll EmilyJohnson AmyDePaolo FrankAdams Bradley J.Mazone DennisSampson Barbara

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):318-329.

ABSTRACT:   It is imperative that medicolegal jurisdictions prepare for the occurrence of a mass fatality incident. Despite the trend to plan for catastrophic and complicated...

Clinical Examination and Reporting of a Victim of Torture

Author(s): Herath Jayantha C.Pollanen Michael S.

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):330-339.

ABSTRACT:   Torture is the most inhuman form of punishment. Forensic practitioners should be aware of the common forms of torture, their presentation, and the after effects....

The Dead Detainee: The Autopsy in Cases of Torture

Author(s): Pollanen Michael S.

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):340-352.

ABSTRACT:   The fatal maltreatment of people that are detained against their will, such as political prisoners and suspected terrorists, can occur in unstable countries. The death...

Eternally Vulnerable: The Pathology of Abuse in Domestic Animals

Author(s): McEwen Beverly

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):353-369.

ABSTRACT:   Animals are amongst the most vulnerable of all sentient beings. Animal neglect and abuse may involve a single animal and one person, or hundreds of animals and many...

The Role of a Forensic Pathologist in Armed Conflict

Author(s): Peerwani Nizam

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):370-389.

ABSTRACT:   Wars and armed conflicts by their very nature are cruel and ruthless. In the 17th century, the Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius, widely regarded as the father of public...

The West Kingston/Tivoli Gardens Incursion in Kingston, Jamaica

Author(s): Cordner StephenPollanen Michael S.

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):390-414.

ABSTRACT:   On May 24, 2010, 800 soldiers and 370 police officers stormed into Tivoli Gardens, an impoverished district in the capital of Jamaica. Their aim was to restore state...

Forensic Legacy of the Khmer Rouge: The Cambodian Genocide

Author(s): Gruspier KatherinePollanen Michael S.

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):415-433.

ABSTRACT:   The people of Cambodia were subjected to widespread forced migration and labor, disease, starvation, torture, murder, and indeed, genocide over a period of four years...

South Africa: Vulnerable Persons and Groups in a Vulnerable Democracy — Can Forensic Medical Services Help to Ensure Justice in Critical Times?

Author(s): Saayman Gert

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):434-443.

ABSTRACT:   The role and contribution of an objective and professional medicolegal death investigation service should be valued and strengthened, especially in countries and...

Micro Disasters: The Case of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Author(s): Jentzen Jeffrey M.

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):444-452.

ABSTRACT:   Disasters are commonly experienced as major devastating events that exceed the resources of an agency to respond, with effects emanating throughout a community or...

Review Article
Fatal Entrapment of the Basilar Artery in a Longitudinal Fracture of the Clivus Due to Head Injury: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Walker Alfredodos Santos Marlise PeruzzoGlikstein RafaelMichaud Jean

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):453-468.

ABSTRACT:   Infarction of the posterior cerebral artery circulation arising from entrapment of the basilar artery in a fracture of the clivus has been reported in the medical...

Levamisole: A High Performance Cutting Agent

Author(s): Solomon NadiaHayes Jonathan

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):469-476.

ABSTRACT:   Levamisole is an imidazothiazole chemical most frequently used as an antihelminthic agent in cattle. Over the last decade, levamisole has been increasingly encountered...

Original Article
Case Series of Novel Illicit Opioid-Related Deaths

Author(s): Papsun DonnaHawes AmyMohr Amanda L.A.Friscia MelissaLogan Barry K.

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):477-486.

ABSTRACT:   Novel illicit opioids,such as furanyl fentanyl and U-47700, are being encountered with increasing frequency in street heroin samples and have been confirmed in a...

Case of the Month
Sudden Death of a Young Man by Acute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis

Author(s): Peerani RaheemBerggren MeredithHerath Jayantha C.

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):487-493.

ABSTRACT:   We report a case of acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis in an adult man with a prodrome of “feeling unwell” two days prior to this death. At autopsy, external...

Cerebral Toxoplasmosis: A Case Report with Correlation of Radiographic Imaging, Surgical Pathology, and Autopsy Findings

Author(s): Harrison William T.Hulette Christine

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):494-501.

ABSTRACT:   Cerebral toxoplasmosis is an opportunistic infection of the central nervous system. Certain radiographic findings can be highly suggestive of the disease, but there is...

Invited Editorial
How To Survive A Mass Fatality Incident, Mostly

Author(s): Hayes Jonathan

Citation: Acad Forensic Pathol. 2017 Aug; 7(3):502-514.

ABSTRACT:   A disclaimer: what follows is a first-person account of my experience following the 9/11 attack. I’ve read over what I’ve written, and will warn you now that it is...


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